Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo: Sugarcookie | Albino Hedgehog

This is probably my favorite hedgie picture ever.

Everybody, meet Sugarcookie! This baby hedgie is a female Albino hedgehog. Basically, she has no pigmentation in her quills or hair and it's comletely white with ruby-red eyes.

Albinos can be bred purposely or accidently, but breeders usually never purposely try to breed albinos because albinos are more likely to have other sorts of genetic defects aside from their lack of color. If two albinos are bred, further down the family tree will arise health problems.

Either way, I think albinos are adorable (red eyes and all)! I was offered to take this hedgie home instead of my Shadow, but I was truly in love with Shadow at first sight.

I'm now in the process of convincing my brother to adopt a baby male albino hedgie from Hedgie Mama, hopefully he'll decide he wants it!

*Photo courtesy of Hedgie Mama | Facebook.