Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dear Diary: I Took Shadow Out With Me Today

Today I decided that I needed to take Shadow out with me. So I did!

Getting ready to take my baby out with me!

I had bought him a carrying case from PetSmart last week for $20. It's pretty big but not too big, so he has enough room to move around but he can still find a nice corner to cuddle himself up in and nap.

Even though it was somewhat chilly today, I kept him wrapped up in blankets and kept the heater on in my car. I went out with my two friends to run some errands. I left Shadow in his little case in the car and he was just fine. I left one of the windows cracked up for ventilation, but just a tiny bit so that it would stay warm in the car.

I then took him to Pets Warehouse because I needed to buy him food, and Pets Warehouse is the only place in my area that sells the food he likes. I decided to take him inside the store with me (without the carrying case) so I kept him wrapped up in the blankets and took him inside. THE WORKERS LOVED HIM. One worker even asked if she could take a picture of him. It was absolutely precious. The best part was, even though Shadow has been extra grumpy lately, he wasn't curled up in a ball and was behaving really well. He was observing and sniffing his surroundings and enjoying the attention.

I guess it's not every day that you see a hedgehog in a normal pet store. :)

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